What you don't know about your Pelvic Floor

It always makes my day when I am able to facilitate an awakening in a patient and even more so when a patient is able to return to me and teach me what they have learnt about their own body. What I mean is, I don't just teach my patients how to do Pelvic Floor exercises. What I do is educate them on how their body functions optimally and how self awareness and knowledge along with the correct exercises can bring about enormously rewarding results.

Once you understand how your Pelvic Floor works in harmony with your respiratory system; digestive system; posture and musculoskeletal system you suddenly have this whole new world opening up to you. An understanding of how and why your body is not functioning at its best. With this knowledge comes the ability to initiate your own patient-led path to recovery.

Another aspect to bring in is the effect that stress has on your whole body and specifically your Pelvic Floor. This is probably the most tricky part of my job. Its very easy to ask questions about stressors and hand out vague advice on how to beat stress. Its not so easy getting to grips with real deep seated emotional responses to life's adversity. These emotional responses bring about physical changes in various ways. In educating my patients and leading them to discover their body's way of displaying stress we can move forward in the correct treatment and recovery.

This is truly amazing to witness and assist in this way.

I love my job.

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